Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Tour of Hermann

I rode in the Road Race on Sunday at The Tour of Hermann. It was raining so hard, you couldn't see a thing. It was cold and the course was 30 miles up-hill. I held on to the pack for the first two climbs and let them go on the second down-hill. The rooster tails of spray water from every ones tires were about twenty feet. It seemed like it was raining from every direction. I thought the safe thing to do would be to fall back. I felt like I got into a great hill-climbing rhythm at about the half-way point. I pretty much rode by myself in the rain and cold for twenty five miles. I finished 28th out of 54. Maybe, in good conditions, I would have done a little better. I was not ready for the hills.

It was a great weekend with 5 other teammates. The other guys raced a Time Trial (10 miles) Saturday morning. Then they did a Crit Saturday night.

The Crit was a 1.2 mile loop with a killer hill (I mean killer) up to the start/finish line every lap. More of a circuit race really.

About 300 people raced The Tour of Hermann. I might be back next year.

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  1. Hey Mark, thanks for making the trip to Hermann, hope for sun and blues skies next year!